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Choosing how to set your guest tables for your wedding can be a difficult decision to make, especially when there are so many wonderful wedding table setting ideas to inspire you. There are almost unlimited options available, from the traditional to the obscure, and it’s something you won’t want to take to lightly since it’s your special day and not something we often get to repeat too many times!


Flowers are a traditional but very popular wedding table setting idea. Often used as centrepieces, flowers are popular because of the choice then give us. Each flower looks different, and floristry is becoming more creative everyday so the options are almost endless. Arrangements can be as big or as varied as you’d like. If you’re going for an abstract theme, you can research what your favourite flowers symbolise and their colour to make sure you’re achieving the exact atmosphere you want to create on your special day.


If you’re providing food at your wedding, which most people will, you will need tableware in some shape or form. The traditional way is to set the table ordinarily for a three course meal, but how you choose to dine depends on the tableware required and how it’s presented, and vice versa. If table setting is really important to you, then you might want to change your menu of the format of the dining part of your wedding. An informal buffet means less tableware is required, but a meal with more courses will demand a much more formal and laid out table setting.


Favours aren’t an essential, but they’re a lovely little gift to give to each of your guests. Traditionally, these began as small trinkets such as matches or sweets, but today wedding planners are becoming more and more quirky and unusual to provide their guests with a truly personal and original gift that they will love and appreciate. Personalised miniature bottles of spirits, homemade trinkets, candles, and even cakes are popular choices today. Choose something that reflects your personality and interest, the theme of your day, and your guests’ personal tastes too.

Place cards

Place cards aren’t a necessity. For informal dining and events without a seating plan they aren’t needed at all, and for more formal events with table plans people can view the larger table plan as reference. They are, however, a personal and intimate touch to give to your guests on the day. It shows their attendance is valued to you, and that you appreciate them as a friend and a guest to your special day. They can be as large or as small as you like, and if you have a visual mind, you can simply create them yourself using coloured card of even Kraft paper, and a printer.


Candles are a great table addition for evening weddings and in settings with a slightly darker and more intense atmosphere, but if naked flames on the table don’t fill you with excitement or comfort, fairy lights and floating lights are a modern choice as they bring sparkly and charm to each table.

Whatever you’re considering as a wedding table setting idea, stick with your own personality and tastes to make sure your choice emulates you both as a couple.

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