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Carriage garage doors are a specifically-styled type of garage door, which mimic carriage house doors. They are constructed from composite materials, vinyl boards, or DecamTrim to give them the appearance of wood. While there are many styles of garage doors to choose from, carriage doors will give your house a new, classic look that will be the envy of your neighborhood. These types of doors usually have two handles to open the doors, so that they do not look like they slide upon a track. Although these types of doors are seen with carriage houses, many suburban homeowners are beginning to appreciate this style and adopting it to their own homes.

There are many different styles of carriage garage doors, and almost all are available in a multitude of different colors. The first type is a carriage garage door with trellis and lamps. Just as the name suggests, this style has two lamps above the garage door with trellis, or a woodworked pattern, on the door itself. It will definitely add style and class to any home. Carriage garage doors should be looked at with a regard towards the homes from which they originated, with the handles being integral to the overall look and feel of the doors.

Another type of carriage garage door is similar to the one mentioned above, but with a large, glass window. This large window makes the garage, as well as the rest of the house, look magnificent. For additional privacy, the glass can be translucent or opaque. You could even consider including an etched pattern upon the glass. The third type of door is similar to the second, the glass door, but differs in that the glass windows are small arches near the top of the door. The arches give a great impression and further add the carriage house style to the house. The inclusion of windows in these garage doors is ideal if you use your garage for anything other than simply storing your car, tools or old household items. The light they let in is great for using the garage to watch sports games with friends or for playing games such as darts or pool.

For further inspiration and ideas about the types of doors available, you can always look at some pictures to determine whether this garage door type would suit your tastes and your home. Carriage garage doors are incredible, eye catching, and provide a blank slate for a homeowner to be creative.

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