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A French provincial dresser is a dresser made in the French provincial style. Are you aware of this style? If not, then this article will tell you more.

The French provincial style is characterized by ornate decoration and slender, curved legs on tables, cabinets and dressers. Generally, French provincial furniture is larger in size, and, due to the ornate legs, needs more space than other furniture styles, both to allow it to sit comfortably in a room and to allow it to be seen in its full splendor and be appreciated by the owner and visitors. The French provincial style is more popular with women than men, and, although the furniture is beautiful to look at, may be slightly impractical for smaller houses, and also for children’s rooms, where the corners and legs may both be dangerous and impractical for keeping a room tidy.

As mentioned above, this type of dresser is best used in a spacious environment, and so is best suited to larger houses or master bedrooms. If you have the space to accommodate it, have a look at pictures of dressers with a French provincial style to find inspiration for a design that you think would best suit you. Typically, a French provincial dresser has a vintage look, with six drawers on the dresser, three on the left side and three on the right. Standardly, the drawers have an outward curve, which is mirrored by the dresser top. Some dressers are fitted with mirrors, usually with heavily ornate frames. However, designs without mirrors are also available, and these are easily complemented by a mirror bought separately and mounted on a wall.

French provincial furniture is normally painted in a light color, such as white, cream or duck egg green, and is occasionally decorated with floral motifs, most commonly roses, or bouquets of various flowers. Colors of these motifs usually incorporate various shades of pink. Fitted mirrors generally follow the same color scheme, but mirrors attached to walls can be painted or varnished to increase the contrast – possibly consider a heavily varnished dark wood, such as mahogany or rosewood.

Choosing a French provincial dresser should not be difficult, if you are sure that the style is right for you. Although solid wood versions are expensive, their beauty more than makes up for this, and you can be sure that such a quality piece of furniture will last a lifetime. Versions made of composite materials are also available for those with smaller budgets. Have a look around to see what type and style suits you and your budget best.

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