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Diy Pallet Wine Rack

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So you think you can make a DIY wine rack? Wine racks are recommended to properly store wine bottles. It’s important that wine be stored properly so that it could develop a great taste and flavor that wine lovers love to relish. If you have three or more bottles of wine and you would want to add more to your collection, then you certainly need to use a wine rack.

A do-it-yourself wine rack is a weekend project that you can do by yourself or with a partner. There are so many different kinds of wine racks and are made from all sorts of materials but you can actually make a few designs on your own. Here are a few suggestions that may surely some ideas:

Drainage pipes made of PVC have the perfect diameter to house wine bottles. A designer made a modular PVC pipe wine rack by stacking pipes of the same length and diameter to create a wine rack that could house around 20 bottles of wine. Simply pick out drainage pipes with the appropriate diameter and cut these into the length of wine bottles. Now stack these together using strong adhesive. Use a wooden frame or a metal frame to keep the whole rack together. Paint this DIY wine rack your favorite color. Now your wine collection is safe and sound; you may create another PVC wine rack if you would like to add more bottles to your collection.

The DIY network offers tons of great ideas and one of these is an X – wine rack. This wine rack is made from very simple, discarded materials like spare wooden planks and some nails. The whole idea is to create a rack from two large wooden planks, criss-crossing them together to form a large three – dimensional letter X. The X- wine rack houses 4 wine bottles and is fully expandable. You can create three, four or more wine racks in this manner and you will never have to worry about storing your expensive wine collection again!

There are more stylish and definitely more intricate DIY wine rack ideas that need a longer period of time and more DIY skills but no matter how large or how small or how simple or how complicated your DIY rack is, it is a guarantee that you will have some sense of personal satisfaction knowing that you have made your own wine rack all by yourself.

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