How to Reupholster Damaged Parson Chairs

Parsons Chair Slipcover Pattern

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Did one of your Parson chairs get damaged? If yes, you don’t need to worry too much. It is one of the easiest types of chairs to repair. If you have tried reupholstering furniture pieces before, it will be a piece of cake for you. If not, it is actually the best furniture piece you can start to learn upholstery with. If you know how to sew, this project will be even more effortless for you. Sewing might even be more complicated than reupholstering. With upholstering, you just need to staple the fabric under the chair seat. Moreover, there are techniques you can employ to make this reupholstering project easy.

The tools you need for this DIY project are staple gun and staple wires, thread, sewing machine, scissors, pins, upholstery fabric, foam for cushioning, pliers, and screwdrivers. The first step is to prepare your Parson chairs for reupholstery. Remove the old covering starting from the underside of the seat. Using screwdrivers or pliers, you can loosen the staple wires so you can easily pull at the upholstery fabric. When this is done, remove old foam filling on the seat. With a seam ripper, remove all seams that you see. Don’t throw the old fabric as you can use it as a template when cutting the new upholstery fabric. Mark the area where you need to sew the fabric. When cutting the fabric, avoid going against the direction of the fabric grain. Cut a new piece of foam cushion according to the size and shape of your chair’s seat. Lay the fabric unto the seat on top of the foam. Make sure it is even and centered. Tuck the excess fabric at the back of the chair seat. Take your staple gun and staple down all the fabric to keep them in place.

Reupholstering your Parson chairs is a great DIY project that will be extremely rewarding. With just a minimal amount to spend on new foam cushion and upholstery fabric, you will feel like you own a brand new professionally-made chair for your home. This chair is perfect to be used as an accent to your living room, bedroom, private library, or as complement to your dining table. Doing the reupholstery project on your own gives you the freedom to choose the kind of upholstery fabric you will use. You can use a fabric with bold textures or solid and bright colors depending on your personal taste and room décor.

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