IKEA Wine Racks. Function, Style, and Affordable

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IKEA wine racks are known for function, style and fun. In fact, all IKEA home furniture is based on this premise which is why more consumers trust IKEA more than ever before. Wine racks are just one category under food storage and organizing at IKEA but in this sub category, designs are to the roof! Here are a few top sellers when it comes to wine racks from IKEA:

The Perfekt wine shelf is made from beautiful hardwood and could store up to 10 wine bottles using its five storage shelves. Its off-white color will complement any kitchen or dining room design plus with this wine rack storage style you can easily find the bottle that you are looking for. Wine bottles are not stacked together meaning each one rests on his own wooden groove. Take a few favorite wines from your rusty cellar to your kitchen for a fine dinner or simply display your favorites for your guest to see with this IKEA wine rack.

The Vrum 4 – bottle wine rack from IKEA is a wonderful piece. The first time you look at this metal wine rack you won’t recognize that it is a wine rack at all. It is made of lightweight but strong metal, ingeniously designed to fit 4 bottles of wine. This lovely rack can sit on your counter or you may hang it on your wall. You can place wine bottles side by side or alternately to create a wonderful conversation piece.

The Hutten 9 – bottle wine rack is a simple wine rack made of strong hardwood pieces. The Hutten has a clean and minimalistic design that simply cradles each wine bottle on your countertop. Rest your wine bottles easily while you can also access them easily with this IKEA wine rack.

The Gorm bottle or wine rack is another clean storage idea from IKEA. The Gorm is simply a few pieces of hardwood where wine bottles could nestle on your countertop. This bottle rack could rest up to 6 to 8 bottles of wine; place two Gorm side by side and you get more wine bottle storage. It is easy to use plus you can easily check which wine you would prefer to drink in a glance. This is truly one of the unique IKEA wine rack ideas that you will love to use.


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