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Decorative curtain rods (or curtain rails) are important, functional pieces of furniture from which curtains can be hung. Usually constructed from iron, these rods serve as a piece of art as well as a tool to help support curtains when hung across windows. Compared to regular curtain rods, decorative rods will add flair to any room and add more depth to the windows. Usually, when an elegant curtain is displayed, a decorative curtain rod is used, so as to increase the aesthetic purpose of such a curtain.

As well as standard iron curtain rods, which may be finished with paint or varnish for protection, there are two other types of curtain rods for you to consider. The first is made from nickel and has a brushed finish to add patina and shine. Brushed nickel curtain rods are popular as their design is generally quite simple and it can match with many types of curtains, and many styles of interior décor. Nickel curtain rods also have a modern feel to them because of their shine, as mentioned above, while fitting in with more traditional and rustic themes. Decorative curtain rods made from brushed nickel can incorporate many different decorative motifs, and you will be sure to find something that suits your taste and style.

Bronze curtain rods also work well with many different styles. These, however, can be expensive, and so be careful to research whether they fit in with your allocated budget. Generally, bronze rods are used to match classical interiors. Consider using in rooms painted in rich colors to add to a room’s warmth. Bronze curtain rods have been used for many centuries, and add a traditional feel to a room. However, as hinted at earlier in the article, decorative curtain rods must be suitable for the chosen curtains, so be careful in your choice and combination of rod and curtains, a luxurious material with a simple design and minimal motifs is possibly the best combination, but you can look at pictures for inspiration. Beside wrought iron, nickel and bronze are the two best options for a metal curtain rod, and match with the widest range of design styles. Decorative curtain rods can be used in any room of the house, but, due to their price range, are probably best used in rooms where they are regularly seen, such as the living room, or a lavishly-decorated master bedroom.

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