Three Types of Carriage House Garage Doors

Wooden Carriage House Garage Doors

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Carriage house garage doors can be seen throughout the United States, and are of a specific style in which the garage doors appear to be representative of the rustic style, with classic wood or steel styling with larger windows near the top. These types of garage doors usually complement the certain types of houses far more than traditional doors and can add a sense of class or modern style to any home. However, it is important to understand that to utilize a carriage garage door properly, a large garage is required because carriage homes usually have larger garages. A small garage space will look cramped and unsightly with a carriage garage door fitted, but it is possible to find other similar types of doors that fit well.

The first type of carriage house garage door is produced from steel. These are very popular, not only because they are heavily weather resistant, but also because they tend to require lower levels of maintenance than their wooden counterparts. No matter what season it may be, the steel door will not crack, bend, or break due to being affected by adverse weather conditions. Carriage house garage doors which are made from steel are less traditional than wooden ones, but still provide houses with a dynamic style that is often not present in normal garage doors.

There are many different models and styles to choose from when selecting a carriage house garage door, and steel is only one of them. To see the variety of styles available, why not browse through some examples in photographs?

Another popular carriage house garage door is constructed from wood. Unlike steel, these wooden doors are easy to refinish and paint, which can breathe new life into even the oldest garage doors, and protects them for many years to come. The most beautiful of all varieties of carriage garage doors, wooden doors offer natural beauty to complement the rest of a home.

Aluminum carriage garage doors are yet another type of garage door which can be considered for purchase. While cheaper than steel and wood, aluminum can offer superior protection from the elements and still provide a great, classic style to any house. Carriage house garage doors are meant to be beautiful pieces of functional furniture, so it is important that the consumer chooses the best type of material to match and complement their own tastes and the style of their home.

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