10 Ideas for Exciting Basement Paint Colors

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Turning your basement into a functional living space is a great way to add space and an additional room to your home, and the basement paint colors you select is an important choice. If you have an expanding family, you’re looking to increase the value of your home for sale, or if you’re finding the need for additional space for working, relaxing, or entertaining friends and family, a basement makeover can be an efficient and affordable way to transform where you live.

Basements vary from home to home and no two are the same. They’re generally built for storage, so they aren’t created with light and comfort in mind, and that’s why you need to be creative and considerate of the paint colors you use to decorate the basement.

If you have a dark and gloomy basement with minimal or no natural light, you should be looking at lighter colors and reflective surfaces that will reflect and diffuse the light. This won’t just turn your space into a lighter and more comfortable space, but take away the preconception or existing atmosphere that basements are cold, dark, and depressing.

When you’re selecting your basement paint colors, consider the decision between warm and cool tones too. You might have a great color in mind, but if it’s at the wrong end of the color wheel, you could end up with a room that doesn’t provide the atmosphere you’re after. Warm colors will bring energy and liveliness into a room, while cool colors will make the room more calming and relaxing. Before you decide on a color, think about what you want to want your room to make you feel. A good way to start is by writing a list of words, and researching the colors that will help you achieve those feelings. Of course, every room is different and we all experience color in a different way and have different preferences, so use your personal tastes to guide you.

After you’ve chosen the room’s main hue, your next decision is to choose the rest of the color palette. It’s best to select these before you get the paint brushes out, in case the secondary colors cause you to change the shade of your feature shade; it’s a trial and error exercise and finding the right combination can take a while, but the investment of time is worth it. Use tester pots and mood boards to experiment.

Enlisting the support of a professional interior designer might help you on your way and cut out a lot of work for you, but if you aren’t willing to invest, you can be confident that with this advice you can use your own taste and judgment to create the perfect basement for you and your family. The options you face when selecting your basement paint colors can seem daunting and confusing, but as long as you’re prepared to invest time, patience and experimentation on your way to finding the perfect paint color for your basement, you’ll find the best color palette for you.


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