11 Amazing Oval Bathroom Mirrors

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You could easily argue that a mirror is one of the most important and prominent features in any bathroom, and we’re huge fans of unusually shaped oval bathroom mirrors. Even if you don’t consider yourself as vain, it’s a functional tool to guide us as we carry out daily tasks such as shaving, brushing teeth, and styling hair. It’s not the most glamorous of bathroom products, but it is an essential and it’s best to get it exactly right than purchase your mirror as an afterthought that has a detrimental effect on the interior design and atmosphere of the room.

Once you’ve agreed what size of mirror is the best to complement your bathroom, by assessing how much light you’d like to reflect and how much mirror space you’d like, it’s time to begin thinking about the shape. Oval bathroom mirrors are classic but unusual, and not always the most straightforward choice. However, they do bring an elegant charm to the room by adding softer, curved lines that can contrast fantastically in a modern bathroom of clean and strict lines in tiles, appliances, and the room’s shape. Ordinary square or rectangle mirrors can be striking and modern, but they lack the level of elegance and grace that can be found within a ‘never ending’ oval shape. Right-angled shapes are far more popular in design, which makes rounder oval mirrors stand out even more.

In shape psychology, ovals deliver a message of the lifecycle and has connotations of nature, especially the sun, moon, and earth. If your bathroom doesn’t provide much window space to the outside world, which is often true due to privacy and frosted glass windows, a feature oval mirror can bring an abstract slice of the natural world into the room. Bringing the outdoors inside is a great tool to prevent the room’s ‘trapping’ feeling, which is common in bathrooms that are usually warm, humid, and with little natural light.

If you’re going to add a period themed bathroom, ovals showcase integrity, perfection, and a stand against angled geometric shapes. Oval mirrors are perfect in traditional Victorian or antique styled bathrooms, especially with ornate and detailed frames. They also look wonderful in mid-century themed bathrooms, where softer shapes became more popular following the popularity of Art Deco and its harsh geometric lines and contrasts.

Where you place your oval bathroom mirrors can make a big change to how they look in the room. Naturally, a mirror will usually sit above the sink, but we find that people are enjoying adding more than one mirror to their bathroom as an intelligent design tool. Another mirror can reflect the light, and a floor to ceiling size can turn a larger bathroom into a multi-functional dressing area. Placing your mirrors closer or in direct line to windows will bring more light into the room during daytime as natural sunlight is reflected and scattered across the room, but if privacy is your main concern and you’re after a mirror for strictly functional purposes only, place that smaller mirror above your bathroom sink, ideally away from window places and other appliances.

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