20 Creative Home Decor Ideas

Creative Home Design Ideas

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Creative home décor is an excellent way to showcase your personality through interior design. The only way you can be truly happy in your own home is if the interior design choices reflect your personality and provide a space where you can enjoy and be yourself. It is the one place we should always have the option to relax, unwind, and play.

We are all creative people, to some extent, even if we consider ourselves as being more logical and practically minded. Applying that creativity and our own personal ideas is how we make our homes our own. That stretches from creating an unusual colour palette or a quirky room layout, to designing and building your own home furniture. We all portray a home makeover differently in our minds and use creative skills to create the best home we can.

Some of us find creative and personal design choice comes to us super easily, but others will need a little bit of a push or time seeking inspiration.

If you aren’t coming across any design ideas that get your creative cogs turning in your mind, don’t despair. Research is as much about figuring out what you don’t like, as exploring what you do like and can adapt to your own home.

To get your room or home exactly as you’ve dreamed, the research can be the longest, but the most fun, part of a home makeover. By spending time on bringing your ideas to life and paying attention to the finer details, you’ll be able to reap the rewards when your new home reflects your taste perfectly. Research will also show you products and ideas you never thought possible or were aware that they existed, so make sure you dive into your project with an open mind.

We all arrange our ideas and inspiration in different ways. Our brains work differently and so we use different tools to help us arrange our interior design inspiration. One of our favourite ways to play and register what we like is with scrapbooks and mood boards. Scrapbooks are a great way to record anything – notes, lists, pictures, drawings – in one place for reference. Mood boards can be the next step, a more concentrated collation of colours, prints, notes, that gives an essence of what you want your room or home to eventually become. These work if you’re into cutting and sticking, but if you prefer a keyboard and a mouse over pen and paper, Pinterest is a popular digital tool for collating images onto different ‘boards’ online, and is a good source for DIY projects if you like to get your hands dirty and make your own creative home décor pieces.

A professional interior designer will also be able to support you in collating your ideas and sourcing new products and style inspiration for creative home décor. The most important thing, however, when looking to be creative in your home décor is to try and explore new things, stay true to your own personal tastes, and understand that inspiration can occur anywhere, even in the most unexpected of places.

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