20 Recycled Home Décor Ideas with Photos

Recycled Home Decorations

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Recycling home décor is a clever way to create a unique home style without breaking the bank; you really can get the best of both worlds. Thinking outside of the box can really lead you to create some fabulous and unique home décor items that become key features and talking points in your home.

Reclaimed furniture is really trendy right now, with more people wanting to inherit old and used pieces of furniture and more people passing theirs on to others instead of trashing and destroying them. The best place to buy quirky, one-off items for low prices is to scour your local junk shops and charity shops. This is where you can find outstanding pieces that have been overlooked by others. You can also personalize reclaimed furniture and really make it your own, by changing the shape or color, or adding your own personal touches. If you’re looking for aged and worn pieces of furniture that have been loved and used before, you might want to go down the route of antique shopping. This doesn’t usually qualify as kitsch and inexpensive, so it might not be the look you are looking for, but it will give you an idea of how furniture has been used over the years and how our requirements and styles have adapted and grown.

There are online stores dedicated to reclaiming furniture and transforming it into something more unique, stylish, and functional. If you’re looking for something rather specific or extremely unique, you might need to get your hands dirty and get the tools out, as the best and most creative pieces are hand-made and one-off items. If you aren’t as creative as you’d like to be but you like the idea of recycling home décor for your home, look online for inspiration and ideas on how you can recycle and reuse old items you can get your hands on easily. DIY and recycling furniture can turn even turn into a fantastically productive hobby too!

Wood is one of the most recyclable materials, and it’s also durable and dynamic. It’s a great material to work with because you can use it for solid furniture, flooring and wall cladding, or decorative items. It’s easy to work with, and readily available to purchase online and from specialist traders. The ‘shabby chic’ trend is really driving people to transforming and recycling old furniture, and even become a bit more frugal when spending on recycled home décor. The shabby chic trend has evolved and grown since its inception and people are putting their own twist on the worn and distressed trend, and stepping away from general floral prints and white furniture. Furniture is even being painted and then sanded to give it a really worn and pre-loved vibe.

If you’re creating your own recycled home décor or you’ve purchased recycled materials to decorate, the minimal expense could also free up your budget so you can make investments in other areas!

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