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White dining room furniture can be an alternative yet stunning choice, but before you make the plunge, you should consider how dining rooms and what we need from them change from home to home. Some of us use our dining rooms for sitting down and dining as a family three times a day. Others use theirs for evening meals only, some only once a week, and some even less than that for entertaining friends and family. No matter how often we use our dining rooms or if we use them in an informal or formal capacity, how we dress the room and select the main features of the room is important and can transform the atmosphere and feeling within the entire room.

White is most commonly for its lightness and its neutrality. It’s non-offensive, clean, bright, but it doesn’t determine the room’s entire theme or style. White can work with any colour or print, as a main feature or as a complementary background shade. White sits in the centre of the colour wheel and it can be paired with any shade to complement, or with black to provide the room with a cool and sharp, yet stylish, contrast.

White dining room furniture works the same. It can look striking and clean cut if set against a darker background, or it can be a part of a fuller and lighter room setting if placed against other white feature, such as walls, flooring, and soft furnishings. We’re huge fan of using white to highlight bohemian features at the moment, fox example setting off bright and bold clashing prints on tableware and furnishings with all white tables and seats in a dining room.

We adore white dining room furniture for the light and charm it can bring into a space used for communication and entertaining. It’s not the first colour people often associate with dining room furniture, and we understand why, but those concerns can be combatted simply and you can enjoy bright and striking furniture with no additional maintenance.

Families are often put off white because it’s perceived as a colour that’s difficult to maintain and clean. In fact, the opposite is true. This depends on the materials used to create your dining room furniture of course, but if this is your concern, a modern and very stylish Perspex or acrylic table will make your table simply wipe clean. A wooden table might be more difficult, but if it’s been treated and painted with a glossy finish, marks may become more visible but you can keep this clean by staying on top of it and wiping the marks off as soon as they appear. You can always pop a table cloth or runner across your table to hide any permanent marks or for busier and more mess-prone events in your home.

White dining room furniture won’t limit your interior design either. With white furniture, you can achieve almost any style from antique period elegance, to contemporary minimalism, and everything in between.

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