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Have you ever heard of a wine rack bra? If you think that it is a clothing accessory then you are absolutely correct and if you have guessed that it is a way to drink your favorite wine then you score one again too! A wine rack or wine dispenser bra is a brassier that has secret compartments where wine or other alcoholic beverages may be stored. This brassier works by filling the secret liquid compartments found on the front side of the bra and then securing a long tube where you will be sipping wine or beer or any other form of alcoholic beverage no matter where you are.

This interesting innovation in female undergarment fashion takes into consideration women that have been restricted from drinking or even entering clubs or night spots. Some clubs are very keen on preventing people without proper identification from entering while there are also places where drinking could be restricted. A wine rack bra is your best choice when it comes to drinking wine or other alcoholic beverages incognito.

Simply fill the bra with wine or alcohol and then wear it. The long drinking straw extends from either side of the brassier and so you can take a sip any time. This unique wine bra will also make your breast size increase by 2 sizes too! You will not just be able to drink your favorite brew but you get to look and feel sexy in any kind of clothing.

The wine brassier can hold up to a bottle of wine or approximately 2 cans of beer. Once your beverage is gone, you can blow into the tube to fill the brassier with air to retain your beautiful plus-sized breasts! The material is made from washable and breathable fabric. The wine or beverage compartment is also washable and will never tear because it is made from strong, puncture-proof material. The bra is designed just like a sports bra with support from the back and the side. A bottle of wine is heavy enough and therefore support is needed to reduce discomfort even as you wear this bra all night long.

The wine rack bra is a great gift for that special someone that loves to party and to drink up! But of course you should always drink responsibly no matter where you are and no matter what you do.

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