Appraising the Value of Wing Back Chairs

Winged Backed Chairs

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Easy chairs that have wings attached to both sides of the backrest are called wing back chairs. The wings are also sometimes called ears. This is because they turn inward towards the chair. They came into existence during the 1600s. They were usually placed in front of the fireplace. The design was made to trap the heat and provide as much warmth to the user as possible. Later designs featured upholstered and padded seat and backrest. The more modern versions also looked more graceful by using cabriole legs which beautifully complement the chair’s wings.

Do you own a wingback chair? If you do, you can find out if it is an antique piece by having it appraised by an expert. It is important to find out about this before you do any repair or restoration to your chair. The materials and the patina of an antique furniture piece are extremely valuable. Usually, items that have been around for centuries are turned into a museum piece rather than an accent in a private home parlor. Appraisers will examine the type of cabinetry work, the joinery, the finishing, the upholstery, and the width of the wings to find out the history of the chair. Wing back chairs may be Queen Anne style if it has a curved, feminine look. You will know if it is European designed if it has elaborate embroidery, cabriole legs, and ornate brocade. The upholstery material is usually velvet. You can use these chairs to create a Victorian theme in any room by gathering them around a wooden table then hanging a chandelier above. Americans have also manufactured wing chair, but the difference is that the legs are straight and the style is simple. The padding is generous, creating utmost comfort to the user. The upholstery fabric on American wing chairs is usually plain, solid colors in contrast to the patterns seen in European wing chairs.

Wing back chairs are practical yet stylish. Their rightful place is in libraries and living room that need a classic look. As its original purpose suggests, this chair is also perfect in front of a fireplace. The sight of a wing back chair suggests comfort, relaxation and coziness. It is therefore a good welcoming piece that you can place in your foyer. Other than that benefit, the wing back chair may also be a great spot where you can take your shoes or put them on.

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