10+ Favorite Basement Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Ideas For Small Spaces

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Are you looking for basement bathroom ideas? Whether you are renovating an old basement or constructing a new one, there is no doubt that you will love the following impressive basement bathroom updates:

Make your basement bathroom a place to relax. Aside from placing a shower and bath, why not go over the top and add a Jacuzzi? This bathroom will be a great place to simply relax and take a break from your stressful day! There is nothing like the experience of bathing and relaxing in your own Jacuzzi! And after you relax, why not plan for a Jacuzzi party this weekend? Your basement bathroom will be a place to party  too!

Your basement bathroom is your own private bath; this is where you can spend hours relaxing and unwinding and aside from a Jacuzzi, using high tech shower systems will also hit the spot! Although very expensive, you will never be the same again when you shower in this luxurious treat. Imagine four or more shower heads spraying water in different directions. Instead of simply bathing in one overhead shower; there will be jets of water from your side, from the back and on the lower extremities. Even water temperature may be adjusted! This smart shower system will even remember your settings or configuration and therefore makes it easier to use!

Another clever basement bathroom idea is transforming this extra room into a vanity center. Instead of just a simple vanity nook in your regular bathroom, you will be creating a vanity center with all the works! There is perfect lighting to highlight your features and show your flaws; you need an efficient system to help you put on makeup and arrange your hair. This wonderful area will also be where you can place makeup kits, jewelry boxes, hair and skin care items and everything that you need to dress to impress! And aside from the usual sink and plumbing fixtures, you have a large area where you can admire yourself in front of a beautiful mirror!

Since we’re on the subject of fun basement bathroom ideas, how about transforming this extra space into a fun bathroom for kids? Aside from having all the bathroom fixtures smaller for little kids, the wall and flooring could have unique kids’ designs. A retro bathtub could be the highlight of this room; this is where your kids could spend time simply playing with their toys and splashing about.

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