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Have you dreamed of having your own basketball court in your backyard?  Well, with help from other links within the site and this article, your dream can become a reality.  A basketball court stencil is necessary to build your dream court, as you do not want to paint lines that are not accurate in size or scale.  It will make pick-up games much easier, and practice for real games possible.  Without proper stenciling, it can be almost impossible to play the game correctly.  If the three-point line is too close the score will not be accurate, and if the foul line is placed too far back, many free-throws will be missed.

Through sites such as amazon, it is possible to purchase do-it-yourself stencils that will quickly and accurately help outline a basketball court in minutes.  The stencils are usually pre-cut, so the only instructions are to unroll the stencil onto the area you wish to be the court, grab paint, and go!  It will work on any surface; concrete, asphalt, or wood.  Not only will this help players who are interested in competitive play, but it also encourages young children to pick up a basketball and learn the fundamentals of the game.  While many of the pre-cut basketball court stencils are about 13 by 21 feet, or one half of a college court, it is possible to find larger and smaller stencils as well as reusable stencils if painting a driveway permanently is not a possibility.  Because of the popular nature of this sport, different stencils exist but remain dimensionally similar.  A simple google search will point you towards purchasing a stencil much like the one pictured above.  Obviously, the stenciled court will not be official NBA size, but more along the lines of college or high school as mentioned earlier.  Practice makes perfect, and with the help of a stenciled court, players will have the ability to gain a deeper understanding of the dimensions of the court, where they can and cannot dribble the ball, and the approximate amount of power needed to shoot a foul shot or three-pointer.

I hope this article has provided you with the information you were looking for concerning basketball court stencil, and that you can further hone your skills as a player or coach.  If you have any other questions about the game of basketball, please feel free to explore the rest of!

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