Cedar Fence Panels are an Ideal Fencing Option

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Cedar fence panels are a great option for your yard’s fencing. Both versatile and attractive, they will brighten up any yard, and provide the perfect frame for your house’s exterior.

Cedar has the additional benefit of being a natural insecticide, meaning that insects and molds will not attack the paneling, even in damp conditions, ensuring that your fence, with the right treatment, will last for many years. Besides this, cedar is also relatively weather resistant, so if you choose this material you do not have to worry about adverse weather conditions, because cedar is more durable than other woods.

There are many types and designs of cedar fence panels which can make your garden more attractive. The first type to consider is the cedar slatted screen. The design of this paneled fence is unique in that the slats are horizontal, as opposed to the more common vertical style. Although this means the fence is more at risk of damp, this should not be a major issue due to the choice of cedar as a material.

One of the main advantages that this type of fence paneling offers when compared to vertically-slatted panels is that it inhibits intrusive plants and weeds from growing between the slats from other gardens or the street. A cedar trellis panel is an ideal type of fence panel for someone who wants to encourage vines or creeping plants to grow within their garden. You should treat the cedar first with a biological coating to encourage plant growth upon the trellis.

With this design, you can also install hanging baskets at the top of the fence to encourage plants to grow down the trellis instead of up it. Trellis panels can also be combined with conventional screen panels, to provide privacy on the exterior, but allow vines and creeping plants to thrive inside your garden.

For a fence which prioritizes privacy, you can consider plain cedar fence panels to demarcate the boundary of your property. Although these are not the most attractive forms of fence panels, they are affordable and easy to assemble, construct and install. You can combine them with a variety of styles of fence posts to create your desired effect, and you can even consider decorating them. With so many types and varieties of cedar fence panels out there to consider, maybe look at pictures of people’s gardens to find inspiration for the style that suits you best.

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