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Wine wall décor could be anything from art to accessories. If you love wine and you love drinking and savoring the taste of wine then you should take your wine interest the next level by having these beautiful wine decorations on your wall. Here are a few great selections:

A wine rack may be the first thing that came to your mind when thinking of wine wall decorations. Of course wine racks are a hit and there are many kinds of wine racks that may be installed in a wall or hung from the ceiling. Such is the wine rack from IKEA made of light metal that holds wine bottles in a horizontal manner. You may also explore other unique and creative hanging wine racks such as a wooden and metal wine rack that allows wine to be stored upright. This beautiful piece can hold 12 bottles at a time and will help you to quickly identify which bottle you would want to drink or boast to your guests.

A clear wall décor is a 3 dimensional image of a wine bottle pouring wine in a long-stemmed glass. This creative wall décor makes use of wire that has been formed into a silhouette of a wine glass and wine flowing from a real wine bottle. Change the bottle once in a while or place an empty bottle after you are done.

One of the most common wine wall décor is a jutting wine barrel from a wall. Depicting an actual barrel with wine in it, there is even a spout where wine should pour! You can make this décor more interesting by making wine actually flow from the spout by using a special container that can be filled with wine or other beverage which would be hidden from the back of the wine barrel. Watch your friends become amazed with this special surprise! Your guests will absolutely love to take a sip of wine right away!

Of course there are wine paintings, wine wallpaper and wine art that you can display on your wall. Lots of popular painters and modern impressionists have dedicated their life and talent to depicting wine and the art of making wine in canvass and if you wish to collect fine art made by these artists you could check out fine art wine wall décor sites such as Fine Art America,, and All

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