Choosing a Shadow Box Fence for your Yard

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A shadow box fence is a type of fence which has wide spaces running between one picket or stave and the next, but double-layered, so as to maintain a maximum level of privacy. The space between these has the function of allowing more air, to pass into your yard.

This is a good type of fence to consider if you like to have a well maintained lawn, which needs constant aeration. Also, this type of fence is popular with keen gardeners who like to grow border shrubs due to the aerating qualities. Furthermore, due to the spaces between the pickets, a shadow box fence, particularly when made of wood, is ideal for growing vines or creepers, as the fence provides the perfect medium for such plants to cling to, while also allowing modest amounts of sunlight to reach the leaves.

Some people prefer to construct this type of fence themselves, although they can also be ordered ready made. There are a limited number of heights available – this is not a good design type for shorter fences, as their short height makes many of the properties for which a shadow box fence is chosen obsolete. One of the most popular wood types for this fence is cedar. A cheaper alternative to buying one of these fences is to use recycled packing crates or palettes, but remember that you will need to undertake much work treating, varnishing and painting the wood, and also repairing any damaged parts. Recycled palettes may not be the ideal fit for your yard, either, so maybe it is best to avoid this approach.

However, you can always save money by constructing the fence from prefabricated sections yourself. For corners, why not construct brick pillars, which will contrast well with your shadow box fence? Wooden pillars work as a cheaper alternative, also. Remember to make sure your fence is properly treated to ensure that it will last for many years.

It is not advisable to use this type of fence in front of a house, but if you want to do so, why not consider growing some creeping plants or vines on the outside of the fence to make it more attractive? Because these fences are relatively bulky and also tall, they are also not advisable for partitioning off sections of the yard, as they appear bulky and block too much light and obstruct your line of vision.

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