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Living room sectionals are a specific type of sofa, that can be changed in many ways. Many people prefer an “L” or “U” shape with their sectionals. Usually seen in larger living rooms or refurbished basements, a sectional couch will not fit well in smaller spaces. Sectionals are placed in the living room, often occupying one corner, with the homeowner then arranging other furniture around it.

If not purchasing a sectional as part of an entire room overhaul or refurbishment, it is important to choose a sectional that matches the decorations and colors of the room. Below are two of the most popular types of living room sectionals that fit into many types and styles of rooms; fabric and leather.

The first kind of living room sectional is upholstered with leather. While there are many types and tans of leather, any sectional of this material will instantly add a classic feel to the room it is in. If you choose to purchase a leather sectional, it must be combined properly with the rest of the room. Be sure to match the color of the leather with the paint, drapes and curtains, carpet, and other furniture. Living room sectionals made of leather are more durable, not only because leather is a durable substance, but also because it is water resistant and resistant to spills of almost any type of drink, food, or animal accidents. It is fairly simple to clean spills and stains, and moreover the luxurious surface will add value to the room by itself.

The second type of living room sectional is upholstered with regular fabric. Since it is made from traditional fabric, it will make the living room seem more comfortable and inviting. A fabric covered sectional can be upholstered with almost any fabric material imaginable to perfectly match your existing furniture and decor.

There are, of course, numerous other types of living room sectionals available out there. This type of furniture does not match well with all design schemes (most notably minimalist), but will be sure to make your room comfortable and welcoming, providing it fits in with your current decor. You must also consider the size and shape of your room when thinking about purchasing a sectional – sectionals are most appropriate for regular rectangular rooms. Also, a sectional has a tendency to become ‘lost’ in an overly-large room, so maybe consider different options in such a scenario.

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