Considerations to Make Before Installing Bio Ethanol Fireplace

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A bio ethanol fireplace may be of interest to you, especially if you have a big interest in energy saving appliances, fixtures and fittings. This fireplace works in a completely different way to wood burning, coal burning or gas fireplaces. Although a gas fireplace may be considered the most energy efficient, while a wood burning fireplace may be considered environmentally better (especially if the wood used as a fuel is obtained from a sustainable source) but the bio fuel fireplace offers you a combination of both of these. If you are interested in purchasing and installing such a fireplace, then there are several things that you should take into consideration when looking for this type of fireplace.

The first thing to consider is the simplicity. It is very important to consider, especially if you have limited time for installation, operation and maintenance. A bio ethanol fireplace uses bio fuel, which is why such a fireplace will need special treatments and can be quite different to operate from more conventional types available on the market. If you decide to opt for this eco-friendly fireplace, you should look at the designs and styles available – after all, a fireplace is not only meant to provide warmth, but it is also a decorative element within your house. Maybe look at the options available in photographs to find inspiration for the right style of bio ethanol fireplace for your house. You also need to take into consideration how you will obtain the fuel. Will it be delivered, or will you have to collect it yourself?

There is no ash deposited by a bio ethanol fireplace, which means that cleaning is less of a problem. However, cleaning is still necessary as part of the fireplace’s regular maintenance. Maybe you should decide upon a low-maintenance design. Also, search for advice on heating prices and other people’s experience with this type of fireplace. Although bio ethanol fireplaces generally save energy, they may not be so efficient in heating smaller rooms, because they produce a lot of heat and may overheat a smaller room. However, a bio ethanol fireplace can also be used to heat in-wall and under-floor heating pipes, if you want to consider installing these, making heating your house even more efficient. Bear in mind, also, that there may be a possibility to convert your current fireplace to run on bio ethanol.

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