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Have you ever thought wine barrel tables were great? Instead of throwing away or simply storing away wine barrels, you could use your DIY talents to spruce these up and turn them into different kinds of home furniture. And one of the most popular use of recycled wine barrels is a table. Find out cool table ideas to make out of discarded wine barrels.

Get two or three wine barrels, clean them up and dry them. Stain and varnish these with your preferred color. These would make great table legs for a dining table or a side table in your dining area or living room. Simply place a large rectangular hardwood on top or a thick piece of rectangular glass over these barrels and voila! You have a brand new dining table. Remember this important tip: choose sturdy and clean wine barrels for this table. Bolt the top part of the table to the wine barrels for added strength.

A large oak barrel could make two side tables. Simply clean and dry this large barrel and cut this crosswise into two halves. You may choose to stain and varnish your two recycled side tables or just use them the way they are. You can also use this wine barrel table as a side table for your bedroom where you can place your night lamp, clock, phone and other night time accessories.

Cut a large oak barrel lengthwise and use one half as a table plus a storage space for your favorite wine. Cut open the barrel and lay it down four small pieces of wood as feet for the wine barrel table. Place a rectangular glass as the table top and fill the insides of the barrel with your favorite wine. Not only will you have a cocktail table at your living room but you will also get the chance to display your wine collection too!

Complement your wine barrel table with wine barrel chairs. Each regular-sized wine barrel will make a great chair. Simply cut out the barrel to make a chair with a backrest and then place a circular piece of wood for the base of the chair. Place a cushion for the back and seat and there you have it; a comfortable wine barrel seat. Create four seats to complement a square table or circular barrel table. As always, choose sturdy and clean wine barrels to make seats.

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