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Dining room decorating ideas can take inspiration from many sources. Do you want the room to represent a particular cuisine? Or perhaps it should be reflective of your family? You can also take inspiration from restaurants you have visited, or use a classical theme popular the world over. First, the focal point of a dining room should be the food and conversation. Therefore, try to avoid overly-heavy decoration, whichever style you choose. As you know, there are many design ideas and color schemes that fit dining rooms, but it is best not to be too heavy on patterns. Plain paint in one or two colors, possibly separated by a dado rail, would be best.

When it comes to furniture, the focal point of any dining room will obviously be the dining table. This can be either round or rectangular, and the size should be suitable for the whole family, plus a few extra guests. You may want to consider purchasing an extendable or drop-leaf table for large family meals and special occasions. Of course, you need to make sure that everyone can be comfortably seated around such a table when it is fully extended, and also that food can be easily brought to the table while everyone is seated – for this, make sure you have created a proper scale floor plan, to make sure accessibility is not restricted. Rigid wooden chairs are generally more aesthetically appealing, and also more comfortable for dining. Sets of six or eight can be found easily. Also, you can choose to upholster material seats with the fabric of your choice, or add bespoke cushions to wooden-seated chairs. As the dining room is where the family sits down to enjoy meals, excessive fabric decorations are not a good idea, as these can accumulate dust and dirt relatively easily. Consider wooden shelves and a china hutch (or Welsh dresser) as an attractive option for storing crockery, cutlery and silverware, and one of the most popular traditional dining room decorating ideas at this moment in time.

Whether you take inspiration from your favorite cuisine (ethnic), traditional family kitchens (rustic), dining rooms in grand restaurants and hotels (classic) or simply want to reflect your own taste and style (particularly if you regularly host guests or enjoy throwing dinner parties), dining room decorating ideas are really quite simple, and can change the entire feel of the room.

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