Simple Ideas for Dining Room Table Centerpieces

Rustic Dining Room Table Centerpiece

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Dining room table centerpieces are used to beautify the appearance of your dining table. The atmosphere created by a beautiful centerpiece should aim to increase comfort and conversation amongst those eating. It is not difficult to create a beautiful, interesting and original centerpiece, but to do so you should maybe look around to find inspiration from pictures of other people’s dining rooms. Centerpieces are generally inexpensive to make, but it is often important to capture the mood of the meal, be it festive, celebratory or commemorative. For an everyday centerpiece, perhaps you can use a fruit bowl, or a piece of crockery which is a much-loved family heirloom. Here are some ideas that may help to inspire you.

One of the most common elements to be found in dining room table centerpieces is flowers. These can be fresh, dried, or artificial. Fresh flowers are mostly used for larger celebrations, and dried flowers for celebrations held in the fall or winter. Fruits, nuts and other natural goods are common to combine with flowers, either following a color scheme or reflecting the current season. The container used as part of the centerpiece is an important aspect as well: this can range from a fine silver or pewter bowl, to an ornate glass vase or bowl or a pot that you or one of your family members has made in a pottery class. This final idea will surely be a good conversation starter! Arrange the contents with care, so as not to look untidy.

Dining room table centerpieces can stay on a table throughout the duration of a meal, or can be removed either before the meal is served or after the first course has been eaten, depending on the custom and the amount of space available on the table. If you intend to leave the centerpiece on the table throughout the meal, first make sure it is not too large, and second ensure that nothing can fall off it and into people’s food! If you use a fruit bowl as a centerpiece, fruits from it can be served with the final course. Grapes are popular in this respect, especially when served with cheese. As centerpieces are relatively inexpensive to make, maybe consider making a new, unique one for each celebratory family meal. Perhaps you can get your children to design and make it as a fun family activity.

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