Do You Need Ideas For Unique Wine Glasses?

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Are you looking for unique wine glasses? Are you tired of drinking form a regular wine glass? Then why not enjoy a heavenly sip of wine in these unique wine receptacles? These are all available online from wine accessories shops and from wine glass artists.

Hand painted wine glasses are sure to captivate you. Regular stemmed glasses are painted with different designs with flower designs as the most popular. Choose from the different colors, designs, shapes and prints. You can use these glasses for special occasions or simply during special dinners. Of all the flower patterns that may be printed over the glass body, tulips rank the most popular. Tulips come in different color patterns and the shape of every tulip flower easily complements the shape of the base of a wine glass. Collect different tulip colors and designs to use for different special occasions in your family.

A tipsy twirling glasses are unique wine glasses that look like it is going to topple over. This glass is simply designed this way and the stem is available in different colors and color combinations. Tipsy wine glasses are available online from wine glass stores so be sure to purchase an entire colorful set.

An intricately designed cup wine glass is heavily decorated with glass designs which are comparable to cups in the olden days. Like a lager glass, this wine glass looks fantastic when filled to the brim. Anyone drinking from this cup will simply find it amazing to look at and will surely admire its rich intricate details.

How do you drink from an upside down wine glass? This totally unique idea may look complicated at first but it is actually simple. You sip the wine from a glass straw or drink it from the base! Anyway, this wine glass is not really meant for serving wine but rather a conversation piece to be placed on your wine rack or your wine table.

Care to try a vampire wine glass? This wine glass is not really made for vampires but is used to sip wine from a straw that is connected from the glass. This unique wine glass design is perfect for Halloween or simply just for fun! There are more wine glasses or even more ridiculous wine glass designs from your local wine store or check out outrageous designs from wine glass designers.

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