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Have you ever heard of wine glass charms? A wine glass charm is a piece of trinket or decoration that is placed usually along the stem of a wine glass. These charms make wine glasses more festive and fun.

A charm placed along the stem of a wine glass could be made of anything and could also be anything at all. Charms are usually used for special occasions to make every sip of wine more special! Charms could be used for a Christmas dinner, a Thanksgiving feast, a wedding toast or a Halloween treat.

One of the most popular is the use of colorful glass beads. Use a few inches of strong but bendable wire. Thread the small glass beads with the wire and wrap this around your wine glass stem just like a spring. You can use small glass beads for fastening sequins or you can go Bohemian and use larger beads or stones.

A trinket that looks like a ring may also be used and you can make one yourself. Use keyrings just like rings that you find in keychains. Place a small token or artificial stone on the ring using strong glue and then carefully thread this on your wine glass stem. You can pick any kind of cute trinket to make wine glass charms that look just like rings.

Another cute charm that will surely make your wine glass look sophisticated are small origami flowers or figures that are carefully folded and placed along the stem and the base of the wine glass. There are many things that you can create with origami and you can even use any kind of paper not just art paper.

Wine glass trinkets are not just simply wine glass decor but it could also serve as a souvenir for the event. In a wedding where it could be a shame to serve wine on a plain glass, a charm would make wine glasses more festive while guests could also take their souvenir charms home.

Make your wine glass charms ahead of time. Base the number of charms to make with the number of guests that will attend your event. You can find a lot of great ideas online while materials to use may be purchased from a local crafts store or school supplies store. Definitely, your beautiful charms will tell how gracious a host you really are!

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