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Swimming Pool Designs With Waterfalls

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Swimming pool designs come in all shapes and sizes. You need to know which design would suit your home and backyard before ordering and purchasing a one. As you should already know, a swimming pool is usually made of one of three materials; fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete. Many people think that there are a limited number of swimming pool designs – square, rectangular, circular or oval. However, many other shapes exist, there are actually an infinite number of designs, sizes and depths.

To know which swimming pool will be right for yourself and your backyard, you must first know what size pool your yard can accommodate. Not only does the size of your garden affect this, but also the height of your fences, whether there are any trees in the yard or not, and also (particularly in the case of in-ground swimming pools) where underground pipes and cables, for supplying water, gas, electricity and other things to your house, lie within the yard.

As a general rule of thumb, a swimming pool should not be within ten feet of any fence or property boundary, and should not lie directly under a tree. Circular or oval swimming pool designs can generally be larger, because the areas in the corners can be used for sunbathing and relaxing by the side of the pool.

Swimming pool designs should also incorporate elements of practicality, such as good water flow, easy filtration, and easy cleaning. As well as these, safety should also be a component of the design. In-built steps with a hand railing help both children, seniors, and animals who might fall in to the pool to climb out.

Including a swimming pool safety fence in your design will also help to keep your pool safe. While on the topic of safety, raised swimming pools are a much safer option, because animals (in particular your pets) cannot fall in to them since the pool walls are usually much taller than the animals.

Maybe consider having underwater lighting installed within the pool as an extra security measure. Not only do these alert people to the fact that there is a pool in your yard during the night time, but the lights facilitate swimming during the night time, and also add a soothing atmosphere to your backyard during evening garden parties.

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