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Hanging Wine Racks

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A hanging wine rack is your best choice if you would like to display your wine bottles and if you lack space in a small home. A suspended wine rack will certainly show off your wine collection plus will also keep your wine bottles nearby in case you have guests over for a meal. Gracious hosts serve their guests only the best wine from their cellars and you could be one too when you have your own hanging rack for wines.

Wine racks are mostly made of lightweight but strong material. Suspended racks are usually able to carry as many as ten bottles unlike wine storage furniture that will allow users to store up to more than 50 bottles. A very popular design online is a wooden frame that houses a few bottles of wine and some wine glasses. This frame is suspended a few feet from the floor or from the countertop using chains. This hanging piece may be placed in a kitchen space or in the dining area, be sure that you secure this with strong hardware and to store only the allowable number of bottles in the furniture.

Another suspended wire rack idea is a rack made of aluminum and metal for a totally cool and stylish place to store wine. There are so many different types of metal wire racks and most of these were created and designed to not just hold several bottles at a time but are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You can find wine racks that seem to suspend bottles effortlessly in the air holding the bottle from the neck while some hold onto the bottle from the bottom up. Be sure to follow installation instructions closely though since this type of hanging wine rack is trickier to install.

Want a more avant garde look? There are so many interesting wine racks to choose from that are made of all sorts of materials. Try recycled materials such as old wine barrels, old wooden planks, recycled metal and so much more. If you have artistic talents then you could give it a hand in designing suspended wire racks. You may also check out works of various furniture artists as well.

Hanging wine racks will allow you to use more counter space or reduce the need to use additional furniture for housing your favorite bottles of wine. You can shop for great finds or simply make your own!

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