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Many people do not know that high school basketball court dimensions differ from those seen in the NBA or even in college.  This is due to the fact that many students are still growing during their tenure, making a full size court very difficult to play on.  Although invented in the United States, basketball’s influence has been felt throughout the world, even becoming an olympic sport!  Stars such as Michael Jordan helped to popularize the sport; with his sheer skill, leadership on and off the court, and his signature dunk, Mr. Jordan could be called a basketball ambassador of sorts.  While many consider him the greatest player of all time, it is widely known that he was cut from his high school basketball team which he then used as motivation to become legendary.

High school is an interesting time in everyone’s lives.  From figuring out which sports they are best at, preparing for secondary education, to getting a boyfriend or girlfriend, many changes occur.  Often times, these activities can cause stress, ultimately affecting a student’s performance in the classroom.  This is where extracurricular sports, especially basketball, have a great impact on young minds.  Basketball is just as much an individual sport as a team sport, with a coach designing plays, mediating disputes, and providing advice to his team and the players training on their own and using their skill to effectively play their position well amongst their teammates.  Much like a business, everyone must do their own part, work together towards a common goal, and receive advice or criticism from their boss.  That being said, it is very important to understand the boundaries of a profession just as it is important to understand the boundaries of a basketball court.  28 meters by 15 meters are the standard high school basketball court dimensions, which is somewhat smaller than an NBA court however, the ratio of length to width is still the same.

While this page provided some information that was secondary to the article title, I believe it is necessary to understand why high school basketball courts are smaller in size than courts seen in college basketball or the NBA.  I hope that you, the reader, have found the information you have been searching for.  If not, please try exploring the links above, as they may provide more information about different basketball court dimensions.  Again, the high school basketball court dimensions are 28 meters by 15 meters.

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