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The Bertoia chair is one of the most uniquely designed pieces of furniture that every design aficionado covets. It is a classic piece yet it also goes well with a modern or cosmopolitan interior design. Designed by an Italian artist, Harry Bertoia, the chair has steel rods that are formed to create a diamond-shaped pattern. It looks spectacular and lightweight so it creates a breezy feel to any room where it is placed. The charm and popularity of this chair makes it susceptible to imitation. This means that you need to make sure you are purchasing an original piece rather than a fake one. You need to familiarize yourself with the features and peculiarity of an authentic Bertoia piece. This way, you will not be fooled by stores selling fake pieces.

You need to have a keen eye for even the smallest peculiarity that is seen in a Bertoia chair. Remember that the original pieces are made of steel rods. When you see something of the exact design but of different material, you can be sure it is counterfeit. It looks sturdy because of the high quality material, but the overall feel of the chair is light and breezy. Harry Bertoia came up with his design through experimenting with metal rods and producing art pieces. The time and effort he exerted on this project shows in each strikingly magical-looking chair. If the one you are looking at is heavy yet shaky, it is most probably a fake. Ask the attendant about the manufacturer of that certain piece. If the attendant mentions a name other than Knoll, you can be sure that is it not an original Bertoia. You can also ask where the chair was manufactured. The original Bertoia pieces are manufactured in Italy. Fake Bertoia furniture is most often manufactured in places where the finished products do not need to be shipped out to far places since freight charges are costly.

The classic Bertoia chair remains one of the most fascinating furniture designs to date. You need to find out the unique qualities of an original Bertoia piece so you don’t get fooled into buying a fake one. Remember that Knoll is the only authorized and licensed manufacturing firm of the Bertoia furniture. There are stores that sell furniture of an identical design yet with a different material and manufacturer. Be careful when shopping for this unique chair as this is one of the most imitated furniture pieces.

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