How to Find the Perfect Beanbag Chair for Your Home

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Some people don’t know exactly what a beanbag chair is. It is a sealed bag that is made of different types of fabric. It is filled with tiny polystyrene beads. Bean bags are made in different fabrics, sizes, shapes, and designs. They can be used by people of different ages. Bean bags are made of fabrics that are safe enough to be used by small children. These fabric materials are first tested by authorities for safety. Many countries require that they pass the fire safety regulations first before they can be distributed.

There are many types of bean bags according to the materials they are made of. Most of these bags offer comfort and convenience to their owners.

  1. Faux Leather Bean Bag – This is a highly durable fire resistant bean bag made of vinyl fabric. It looks and feel like a real leather, but the price is much less. It looks elegant and easy to maintain. If kids accidentally spill their drink on it, you can easily wipe it clean with a cloth.
  2. Faux suede bean bag –A faux suede beanbag chair is extremely soft to the touch. It is made of 100% polyester material. It looks similar to velvet. Although no animal is harmed to make the item, it still feels like real animal skin when touched. It is the most popular kind of bean bag because it is comfortable yet it does not need complicated maintenance procedures.
  3. Cotton bean bag – This type of bean bag is made of real cotton. They are soft yet sturdy at the same time. The covers are removable. You can wash them in the washing machine. This is the kind of bean bag that is popular among kids. They can use it as a pillow to slip on or as a chair when watching their favorite shows on tv.

When looking for the perfect beanbag chair for your home, you need to make sure that the material passes the fire safety standards of your state. The stitching should be durable so the bead filling will not spill. These are choke hazards that can easily fly when blown even by the slightest of winds. A separate bag for the filling aside from the cloth cover is also an added security feature. There should be a zipper that keeps the filling in place. Cleaning the bean bags should be easy. It should provide comfort to you and your family.

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