How to Remove Pet Hair from Leather Sofa Bed in 5 Steps

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A leather sofa bed is one of the most comfortable furniture to sleep or sit on. However, if you live in a pet-friendly home, pet hairs can accumulate. You don’t need to dispatch your pet just yet. Removing hair from your sofa bed is fairly easy.

  1. Remove all throw pillows, blankets, and decorative items from your sofa bed. You are lucky if your sofa bed is made of pet hair resistant materials such as leather and microfiber. They do not accumulate as much pet hair as other couches. Unfortunately, there are dog and cat breeds that undergo shedding. If your pet is one of them, you will still need to do simple steps in removing hair from decorative pillows, blankets, and other accessories.
  2. Do it yourself. There are things that might already be in your household that you can use to remove unwanted pet hairs. A lint pick-up roller that you use on your clothing can do the job. You can also use a rubber glove scrub. Put them on, spray some water, then wipe along the hair laden part of your sofa bed. You can also do the same with a sponge.
  3. Use a vacuum to remove lumps of hair that are stuck in the cracks and corners of your sofa bed. You can use a small handheld vacuum for your leather sofa bed once a week. Never use soaps, oils, and strong sprays on your leather furniture. Use the soft brush attachment and the lower power. You need to be careful with this as leather scratches easily.
  4. Apply leather conditioner which you can buy from furniture and auto parts stores. Leather conditioners are made to hydrate the fibers of your leather sofa bed. It will also renew the water-repellent characteristic of the leather material which prolongs the life of your furniture. It will soften the look and feel of the sofa bed. You will notice the big difference it will have from old, stiff, cracking leather.
  5. Place the pillows and accessories back to your sofa bed. If possible, don’t put them back to your pet’s favorite part of the furniture.

A leather sofa bed is best for pet-friendly households. It has a smooth surface that resists pet hair and can be cleaned easily by wiping with wet cloth. However, it is best to follow safe cleaning techniques as leather furniture is prone to scratching.

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