10 Great Ideas for an Outdoor Brick Fireplace

Diy Outdoor Brick Fireplace

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Dining and spending time outdoors is an important part of life for many of us, but an outdoor brick fireplace can help us to make the most of it. Especially for those of us who live in sunnier climates or experience warmer summers, spending time in our garden can pull us away from the everyday struggles of work and personal life, and allow us to focus on the most important things around us; our own personal spaces, our family, and our friends. Improving the atmosphere in our garden, whether that’s through additional comfort or through entertainment provision, can only encourage us to spend even more time outdoors and away from our household chores, home offices, and mobile technology. Bringing an outdoor fireplace into our gardens is a step in the right direction, if you want to bring warmth, cosiness, more outdoor dining and rustic charm to your garden.

If you enjoy spending time in your garden, whether that’s alone, with family, or entertaining friends, an outdoor brick fireplace could be the best addition you can make to improve your garden atmosphere even more. It’s a more significant and permanent fixture than a chiminea, or a traditional barbeque, but is an investment worth making if you’d like to transform your garden area into an external and informal living space. It can turn your garden space into a vast green area with a patio, into a whole other room that is multipurpose, and a place you love spending time.

Building your own outdoor brick fireplace can be a really fun project to begin and see through. If you have the skills to design and build it yourself, it shouldn’t be too time-consuming to complete. If not, a local bricklayer or architecture company will be able to support you from beginning to end, including design, material sourcing, building, and decorating with outdoor furniture and plants. We have seen outdoor brick fireplaces in a range of complexities, from simple and straightforward fire pits, to complex and large buildings complete with seating, barbeque shelves, and chimneys that make a really big impact on your garden and home.

Brick fireplaces usually come in traditional red brick. This colour and texture will standout against the smooth greenery of your garden and will either match the building of your home, or contrast heavily with it to make it stand out even more. You can, however, change the style and material of the brick, and the build, to exactly how you’d like to see it. Stone is available in a multitude of styles and colours today so your options are very open and you’ll certainly be able to find the right solution for your own home. If you’re wanting to build your fire by a patio or outdoor dining area, take into account the materials and colours used in existing fittings, flooring for example.

Whatever style and size you decide upon, we have no doubt that your outdoor brick fireplace will bring more warmth into your garden and incentive to spend more time in your own private outdoor surroundings both alone, and with your family.

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