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Metal Wine Racks For The Wall

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Metal wine racks are not just great ways to store precious wine bottles but it is also a stylish conversation piece for your dining area. There are great and stylish metal rack designs to choose from and to start your collection, here are some of the most popular:

An industrial metal wine shelf is one of the best choices. This type of wine rack is multi layered and could house as many as 50 or more bottles of wine. This is commonly used in hotels, restaurants and wineries since it can transport and hold a lot of bottles. Some industrial metal wine shelves come with casters. Therefore wine bottles could be transported safely from one place to another. Wine may also be refrigerated too in an industrial-sized freezer.

Another cool metal wine rack design is a small wine rack with a metal carrier or handle on top. Used in homes, restaurants and hotels, this is a gorgeous way to showcase your favorite drink and of course you can place this on your countertop since it is barely 2 feet tall. This kind of wire rack can hold of up to 10 bottles of wine at a time.

How about a metal counter wine rack? This is a rack that could sit back in a corner or on a countertop. This pretty wine rack will hold more than 10 bottles at a time and will even handle wine glasses too. Some metal counter racks also have wheels so you can move it from one place to another with care.

But what if you have an outrageous number of wine bottles in your collection? How do you store and display all these at the same time? A vintage wine rack would be perfect for this job; you can place wine bottles side by side so you can see the bottle information on every wine. You can also be sure that each one is safe and sound with hinges that support each bottle from the neck to the base.

There are more metal wine rack designs to choose from. You can find racks that will suit the number of bottles you have as well as the size of the room or area where you will place your rack. Not only will your wine stay safe and secure but you will also ensure that your investment is worth it!

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