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Are you looking for the latest popular designs of bay window curtains? Bay windows are possibly the most challenging to design simply because these windows are huge! Since bay windows are in a room to basically provide a picturesque view of the outdoors, it is natural to find bay windows covering one side of the house to another and from the top of the ceiling down to the floor. Dressing up this kind of window requires talent, ingenuity and a lot of style. Here are some top ideas:

Drapery panels are a good idea and these are placed along the return walls of the window. Drapery panels extend from the ceiling to the floor in long flowing lengths and these should be able to close efficiently when needed. And of course, these curtains should be able to frame the bay windows and allow you an unobstructed view of the bay. Therefore you if you plan to use dramatic drapery panels for your huge bay windows choose the right fabric and hang your draperies along the highest part of the window even inches below the ceiling molding.

Soft silk panels will do well in framing your wondrous bay windows. These popular bay window curtains will be able to update the appearance of any height or width of bay window. Make your windows more dramatic and contemporary – looking by using fabric tape or a braid to gather the curtains halfway along the middle. Your bay windows will look like a classic window style and able to provide a peek at the wonderful scenery outside without revealing the inside.

A formal valance is easy to do and provides a beautiful upper frame for the view from your bay windows. A valance also makes the room more inviting and definitely more updated. This goes well with tall or short bay windows and would be perfect for windows with shutters. Tie the room together by choosing color – coordinated fabrics for your curtains, pillow cases, rugs and bedding if you are dressing up your bedroom bay window.

Flat roman shades would make great bay window curtains. These will frame the window and at the same time provide privacy. This type of shades are also easy to install and easy to clean. You may also find Roman shades of different colors, textures and lengths which will fit any size or length of bay window for any room of the house.

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