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Purple And Lime Green Curtains

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Lime green curtains are an attractive option for those of you who are fans of both bright and warm colors. This is a great color for a child’s bedroom, and is loved by both young boys and young girls. It goes great in combination with white walls and also with wooden accessories and furniture. Furniture in other shades of green is also an option to help the bright tone of the lime green curtains to settle well in a room. If you want to use lime green curtains when remodeling your child’s bedroom, why not consult them to see what color scheme they would like to see, and show them some pictures, too?

Lime green curtains not only blend with a surprisingly wide choice of colors, but you can also use them in a mix of various color combinations to create an interesting and unique effect in a child’s bedroom. Perhaps consider green and white striped wallpaper, or even purple and white, to offset the green curtains. In a child’s room, lime green curtains can be combined with a polka dot theme of various colors on white walls. Make sure that the curtains fit the measurement of your windows, and also make sure that not too much sunlight will penetrate the green fabric, particularly in rooms with east facing windows. Other factors to consider when selecting the material include the price (which should fit in with your budget), weight (so that the curtain rail can support your new curtains) and any allergy issues that members of your household may have. If you wish to purchase heavier curtains, consider buying a new curtain rail, too. Black rails or wooden ones with a dark varnish match lime green curtains best.

As well as being ideal for bedrooms, lime green curtains can be used in other rooms throughout the house. Possibly consider these for the bathroom – especially if it is small, where they can have the effect of brightening up what can be quite a crowded and dark space. Lime green curtains can be either plain or decorated with motifs. If decorated curtains are more to your taste, you can either consider searching for patterns that suit your style or possibly even decorate plain curtains yourself using stencils and fabric paints. There are limitless motifs that can be applied to lime green curtains, although citrus fruit designs (such as oranges and lemons) are some of the most popular.

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