Most Effective Ways to Fix a Broken Queen Size Metal Bed Frame

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A queen size metal bed frame can still break even if it is made of high quality materials. Even antique bed frames that are known to have been built by skilled manufacturers and are better than their modern versions can still be affected by wear and tear.


Bed frames that are used regularly can tremendously take the toll from the ravages of time. However, you do not need to buy a new frame right away. There are things you can do to repair them using a few materials that can be purchased from home improvement stores.


If your queen size metal bed frame has cracks and splits, it is likely that it does not have proper support. This is a common problem which can be seen along the grain lines on either side of the bed frame. You can fix this using some clamps, glue, and scrap wood.

  1. First, you need to remove the mattress and the box springs so that you can easily find the damaged part. Using a screwdriver, pry the crack slightly then remove the splinters using a utility knife.
  2. Once all the chips are removed, apply a liberal amount of glue along the split lines.
  3. Use a putty knife to spread the glue enough to saturate the whole crack.
  4. Stick bar clamps across the frame where the split is then leave to dry overnight.
  5. When done, get a scrap wood long enough to cover the split. Drill holes on the wood. Place them 2 inches apart.
  6. Apply glue to one side of the wood then place it over the damaged area.
  7. Drive 1-inch screws though the holes. Wait until the glue is completely dry before using the bed.

When the queen size metal bed frame starts to sag, it is best to keep it from getting worse. Cut a few 1-by-2-inch pine strips then drill holes on them.  Screw them around the box springs to provide additional support. When you find that the problem with your bed frame lies on the slats, you can replace them easily.


You can buy replacements from hardware or home improvement stores. Drill a hole on each ends of the new slats then screw them tight on the bed frame.


To make your work sturdy, apply a liberal amount of glue to each slat. Another less expensive alternative to store-bought slats are ¼ inch scrap wood that you can place on top of the existing slats.

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