Outdoor Furniture Battle: Resin vs Wicker Chairs

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Resin and wicker chairs are outdoor furniture pieces that are coveted because of their beauty and coziness. They are the most common furniture materials for outdoor living space. Both possess characteristics that are desirable and detrimental. In choosing between the two, knowledge of their peculiarities and one’s personal tastes can play a big role. Let us examine the advantages and disadvantages of these two big players in the outdoor furniture arena.


Resin furniture pieces are most commonly manufactured using polymer. Polymer is a variation of polyethylene plastic with higher density than ordinary plastic materials. The most desirable feature of resin material is that it is resistant to water and UV rays. On the other hand, wicker furniture is made of willow, rattan, or reed materials that are woven together. They are sturdy, yet not as resistant to harmful elements like sun and water. Outdoor wicker furniture needs to be coated with lacquer or varnish so they don’t rot easily.


Outdoor wicker chairs can complement most decors especially rustic or shabby chic themes. It blends well with outdoor living spaces that creates an illusion of country living. Resin chairs, however, are made in many different colors, textures, and styles. This makes it easy to use in different design themes.


Generally, resin furniture is cheaper than wicker outdoor furniture pieces. To create high quality, beautiful wicker furniture, skillful craftsmanship is a must. This adds value to each piece, raising the prices for each creation. Resin furniture prices, on the other hand, are flexible. However, for a resin furniture piece to be sturdy and durable, it needs to be thick or heavy. The heavier the furniture, the pricier it gets.


Resin chairs do not need complex maintenance procedures. They can be cleaned easily with regular soap and water. Even salt water cannot create considerable damage to this type of furniture. However, resin is not very friendly to the environment. They are not biodegradable. There are recycling options, but this is also possible with wicker furniture. With proper maintenance and care, wicker furniture can last long. It is biodegradable so it is the usual choice of many environmentalists.

Choosing between resin or wicker chairs for your outdoor living space might be a little daunting. However, if you examine their peculiarities and your personal preferences, you will arrive at the right decision in no time. Just remember to also consider comfort for you and your family when choosing between these two types of furniture.

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