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Wicker coffee tables are popular in interior design because of the wicker material, and have been popular for a few decades now. It’s the use of natural materials, usually thin and long pieces of wood or bamboo, woven to create pieces of furniture. Because of the lightness of the material and its dynamics, wicker can be used to create almost any kind of furniture in any shape. Coffee tables and seating furniture are the most popular uses; coffee tables because they are often the centrepiece of a room and a key focal point.

A wicker coffee table makes a stunning and striking stand out piece if used with very simple and plain living furniture. Against clean lines, no patterns, and subtle colours, a wicker coffee table can be the most stunning piece in a home that is informal and relaxed; which can be a really difficult balance to strike.

Many wicker coffee table comes as simple as that; a standard shaped and sized coffee table made entirely of wicker. Another popular style for both fashion and functional purposes, is for a wicker coffee table to come with a clear glass surface. This can make the raw and rough wicker tables look glossier and smoother. It also provides a level, solid, and durable surface for placing books, dishes, and drinks on.

Wicker can be painted and instantly and easily transformed with color. White and pastels are a popular and modern choice white especially. It matches the clean, outdoorsy, and simple style that wicker brings to a room and a white wicker coffee table is reminiscent of beach houses and natural light drift wood that is popular in today’s interior design. White is a neutral and dynamic colour that brings light and a blank canvas into the home, which we especially love with cooler and pastel blue tones; an ode to the natural sea and sky.

Because wicker is made traditionally from natural materials, it can bring the outdoors into your home. Perfect for a county home, or an urban space that required a bit more of the natural world. Combining your wicker coffee table with other odes to the great outdoors, such as plants and other natural materials like stone, will help to create a livelier and welcoming room.

This makes wicker an excellent choice for orangery or conservatory rooms, which combine the best features of both the indoors and outdoors. These informal rooms can really benefit from lighter furniture that can be moved and has flexibility where it’s needed.

Because wicker is stable and also light enough to carry and move around the home if you’d like to, you can easily transfer the table outdoors temporarily for outdoor entertaining. If you need more table space. If treated and weighted properly, it can also become weatherproof and sturdy enough to make fantastic permanent feature to your garden dining area.

Wicker furniture isn’t difficult to get a hold of, nor is it an expensive or invested purchase. It is durable, flexible, and stylish, and if you’re considering purchasing a wicker coffee table, you’re onto a winner.

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