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During the 1920s, Marcel Breuer invented the Wassily chair. This was when he was employed at the renowned German design school Bauhaus. The Wassily was hugely influenced by a bicycle that caught Breuer’s attention. The slim, innovative design of the chair has captured the heart of many that it became the emblem of quality furniture design for many years. Numerous manufacturers all over the world did their best to produce replicas of Wassily chairs. It was indeed a work of innovation. The design was unique and the materials were state-of-the-art. It became an icon in the history of furniture design.

The framework of the first Wassily chair was created using tubular steel. The other parts like the armrest, the seat, and the backrest were made of canvas material. The shape resembles that of a club chair, but the difference is that the Wassily is simpler, with straight lines that are not seen in bulky club chairs. Manufacturers still use tubular steels to create the Wassily, but most of them have traded canvas for leather instead. The invention of seamless tubular steel was beneficial to the design of the Wassily. It made newer pieces neater and smoother with the elimination of connecting lines. The Wassily chair was the first furniture that used steel framework therefore the steel industry owes Mr. Breuer a lot for introducing steel to the furniture manufacturing industry. It was one of the most poignant developments of the 1920s.

The chair was named after one of the most avid fans of the design. He was a colleague of Mr. Breuer at the Bauhus school. Mr. Wassily Kadinsky was a popular painter for whom Mr. Breuer made a duplicate of his then newly invented chair. An Italian manufacturer, Gavina, found out about the story and used the painter’s popularity to attract buyers. Breuer originally called his invention the Model B3 chair. A few models of the original design of the Wassily chair may be found in many modern art museums all over the world. Nowadays, only replicas can be purchased by those who find the design appropriate for their homes or offices. The colors of the seat, the armrest, and the backrest can be customized according to color and material. Many customers prefer to have coordinating furniture pieces like couches and tables. The chair has a unique design that many people find aesthetically appealing, but it is the comfort that usually wins them over.

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