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Garden landscape design is the art and trade of hard building structures that define the garden, and softer, decorative pieces that add character, such as plants and other temporary pieces. Garden landscape design has a very wide scope, and includes the designing and implementation of these designs into any garden, yard, field, or any other private outdoor space.


When it comes to the harder elements of garden landscape design, the opportunities are there to help you create the layout of your garden that doesn’t just look fantastic, but helps to add function to your garden and make it relevant to your lifestyle requirements. Walls and fences are the most obvious and simple feature, and in a range of natural and manmade materials these can be used to make your space more private, define your boundaries, but also to add definition to separate areas of larger gardens, If you uses your garden for more than one specific function, fences and walls used within your garden can keep these areas either protected, or showcased in a way that they deserve to be.


Paved and patio areas are a great way to add more texture and color to your garden, especially if you have a large garden mostly filled with grass or soil. Patios are great for entertaining, and a level ground is a great place to add seating, dining space, or even outdoor kitchen spaces if you’re keen to cook and entertain outdoors. Wooden decking is another popular style and adds a completely different style of flooring to the garden, but it is certainly more high maintenance than stone flooring options. Gravel patches will certainly add texture and color, but its uneven surface makes it best used for footpaths and aesthetic feature than a solid floor. Gravel-style small stones are available in a range of colors and styles that it’s a real opportunity for turning up the fashion stakes in your garden.


For the softer elements of garden landscape design, this is the area that people get most passionate and excited about. A grass lawn is the most traditional feature of any garden, but a well-tended grassed area is also a great place to let pets and children run around and play. It’s also a good place to sit out in the sun with a slightly softer surface than a paved or decked area, and a large lawn will even give you space to work out or practice some of your favourite sports. Grass is relatively low maintenance and will thrive in many climates, making it a great solution for people with busy lifestyles, or larger gardens needing a hefty sweep of color.



Flowers and plants are the next step in garden design, and plenty of fun! Flowers are the best way to add color and life into your garden, and the options and combinations of flowers are endless. With modified colors and developed types, we can open our mind to growing any type of flower in any color combination, even tropical options can be grow in cooler climates. This is where research is important, because of you’re after a garden that blooms all year around, you will need to select flowers and trees that will give you that luxury, and work to a year-long calendar of garden maintenance. Don’t let that put you off; there are low maintenance options available and your growing and blooming garden landscape design will be a worthwhile result of your garden tendering and patience.

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