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There are many available options for people who are looking for outdoor chaise lounge chairs. They come in different materials like wicker, plastic, metal, and wood. In addition, you can also add comfort to this furniture piece with cushions. Cushions also come in a wide variety of materials. It is important, though, that you buy a chair that is of high quality so you can enjoy it for a very long time. It is important that whether you are going to place it indoors or outdoors, you choose a style that provides comfort without sacrificing quality and beauty. But for outdoor use, the chaise lounge should be made of water proof material such as plastic or metal.

There are four basic designs when it comes to chaise lounge frames. There is the solid wood frame which is usually made of teak or eucalyptus. These two wood materials are durable. They don’t easily crack or shatter while other wood materials may give in easily to weight and some beating. With proper coating, this type of chaise lounge can still be used outdoors like at the pool side. However, wood chaise lounge are bulky and heavy so they cannot be carried to the beach. Wicker outdoor chaise lounge chairs are also popular these days. Many manufacturers can make wicker chaise lounge that are durable. They can treat it with chemicals that can turn it to water-resistant furniture for your pool side. You can find wicker chaise lounge pieces in different colors like white, yellow, blue or black. Metal lounge chairs are the heaviest especially those with wrought iron frames. However, manufacturers were able to come up with aluminum frames for lounge chairs that are lightweight versions. They sometimes come with straps that make them portable. Probably the most commonly used lounge chairs for the pool area are those made of plastic material. They do not rot, accumulate rust, or break easily so they tend to last longer. They are also the cheapest among the four types, but not the most pleasing to the eyes.

Since outdoor chaise lounge chairs are available in different materials, style, and color, you might find it hard to decide which one to buy. Your existing décor can be one of the factors to consider in case you are faced with this dilemma. All these four types of lounge chairs offer comfort and durability. What you should not forget is to make sure that the material is water and heat resistant.

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