The Only Right Way to Reupholster a Chair

How To Reupholster A Chair

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To reupholster a chair, you need a powered stapler. You don’t need to remove the padding. You don’t need to let it go to waste. Unless you see some damage to the old materials, you don’t need to buy new materials. The only materials you need for this project are some staple wires, powered stapler, and upholstery fabric. You may add some more padding only if you feel that you need the extra cushioning. Gather these materials before you start working on your chair. The upholstery fabric should be lying upside down on your floor or tabletop. Make sure that you have enough fabric to cover the chair so you will not need to run to the home improvement store to buy more. That will be a big waste of time. Remember to fold the edges extremely well to make the output look as smooth as possible.

It is fairly easy to add foam as padding material for your chair. Measure the seat properly so you will have the right size for your padding. If you are unsure of this, you can bring the chair to a shop and have a professional measure it for you and cut the padding to its size. Place the padding between the chair seat and the upholstery fabric before you move on to stapling. This is the tricky part of your DIY reupholster a chair project. If you don’t pull the fabric enough, the end-product will not look as smooth as it should be. The foam may slip if you are not carefully. This is likely to happen if your upholstery fabric is made of silk. Thin, silky fabrics are not recommended for chair upholstery as they are easily soiled and torn. If you want natural upholstery fabric you can choose between linen, leather, cotton, wool, cotton blend, or vinyl. If synthetic fabric is what you want, you can choose between acetate, acrylic, nylon, olefin, polyester, or rayon.

If there are only one or two chairs that needed to be reupholstered, you can save a few bucks if you check out the scraps section of the upholstery materials or the sale bins in fabric stores. Whether you are adding more cushion or not, make sure that the fabric is laid smooth on the reupholster a chair. Being negligent of this step might lead to frustrations. You might need to redo everything if you don’t get this part right.

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