The Popular Design Features of the Parsons Chair

Dining Room Parsons Chairs

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The Parsons chair has a simple design, but it is fully functional. Because they are simple, they can blend well with different types of room décor. The name should not be confused with the term used for priests of independent parish churches. The name was derived from the design school where the chair was invented.  The Parsons School of Design is one of the most famous design schools in Paris, France.

The first parson chair was created during the 1930s. Furniture designs during the said era were excessively decorated. Designers tend to put a mix of different historical influences to their designs. On the other hand, the designer of the parson chair wanted something that does not have lavish ornaments. The focus was more on the comfort and function. As a result, a chair with discreet lines was invented. It fits snugly into any part of the house. At the onset, the Parsons chair was meant to be a part of a matching set of furniture. They were first used in the dining room. They consisted of the Parsons table and four comfortable chairs.  Like the chairs that come with it, the Parsons table does not have the intricate ornaments of existing furniture designs. The beauty of the furniture set was derived from the natural look of the wood material. The set became the focal point of most modern room décor. Unlike other types of furniture of that era, the parson set did not make rooms look cramped or uncomfortable. The beauty of the parsons chairs eventually made them popular on their own. Many homeowners wanted to purchase them without the table. They were used to create reading nooks in home libraries. Some were used as additional seating in patios. Because of their simple design, it was easy to incorporate the parson to any type of room décor.

The parsons chair remains to be one of the favorite chairs of the 21st century. It is fairly easy to find this chair in furniture shops. It comes in different upholstery materials and colors so it is easy to find the style that will look good in your home. Like other types of chairs, there are manufacturers that can imitate the original parsons design for you. Just make sure that you check the quality of their work first before committing to a contract. A high quality parson chair will last a lifetime if it is made of high quality material and superior craftsmanship.

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