Tips For an Efficient Bathroom Redesign

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There are many ways that you can redesign your bathroom without breaking your budget, as long as you consider a few things before hand. When looking to renovate the bathroom be very careful if you plan on changing the layout. Many elements in the bathroom are plumbed in, but the plumbing is not interchangeable. The plumbing for your toilet will not be the same as for your tub, so just because there is a water location there doesn’t necessarily mean that you can switch fixtures without incurring huge plumbing costs. Why not try opening up a shower by moving a non-structural partition wall instead this can give your bathroom a whole new aesthetic for a fraction of the price!

When looking at new elements and features within your bathrooms there are many ways that you can save money while still getting a striking new look! Consider what you use the most; if you never bath why not invest your money into a really nice shower that you will use all of the time. Invest in energy saving and low flow fixtures not just for your future but the planets too. Low flow shower and faucet heads are becoming an increasingly popular and for good reasons, the money you invest in these fixtures now, will save you money in the long run. A low flow toilet will use about half the water as regular ones! Looking for something less drastic, one of the easiest and least expensive ways to redesign your bathroom is by changing the paint color, you can do it yourself and color is one of the first things people notice when entering a room.

Some things not to forget when redesigning your bathroom are to always include a fan. Bathrooms are required by building code to have a direct exhaust to the exterior, but fans also help get rid of steam, fog and smell! Proper ventilation can also reduce the chances of water sitting on surfaces for extended periods of time causing mold and mildew, which is unhealthy and can become expensive to repair down the road. Another think to not overlook is lighting if you have a window in your bathroom great, if not use neutral white light or daylight bulbs to mimic the suns light; this will give a natural even tone that can be especially key if you get ready in the bathroom.  Finally add accent and task lighting to give variety, interest and functionality to your space.

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