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Are you looking for some inspiring guest bedroom ideas? Your guest room should be presentable and make your guests feel welcome. It should also be a room that has ample storage space too where your guests could place their stuff as they stay with you. Here are some of the best ideas for a guest bedroom.

Use twin sized beds instead of a single bed. You may never know if you would be having two guests over so it is best to be prepared. You could place bedding that have a neutral tone too. Offer three or more pillows in different sizes; your guests may be used to sleeping with one or two and if he does not need the extra pillows, he could otherwise place them in a chair nearby. Consider placing an extra blanket in your guest room bed to keep your guests cozy all through the cold night.

Just like your bedroom, your guests may be looking forward to reading before going to bed. Place a lampshade along the bedside or install a clapper system to turn the lights off without going out of bed. You may also consider using a night light for young guests too so be sure to have one just in case. Finally, use blinds as window treatments in case your guests would want to reduce natural light in the room during day time. Blinds are easy to clean and are very affordable; there are also blinds in different colors and designs and thus these make excellent window treatments.

Other guest bedroom ideas include giving your guests ample storage spaces for their things such as clothes, shoes and accessories. Provide closet space that can hold clothes for at least a week and use two to three baskets to hold other clothes and accessories. You should provide hangers, hampers and bins as well. A simple dresser would be perfect to store personal items as well as other accessories too.

If your guest bedroom has an adjoining bathroom then you may extend your guest bedroom ideas to this room as well. Place a large rug along the floor near the shower stall or bath tub. Place matching shampoo and soap dispensers along the bathroom vanity. Add fresh flowers to the bedroom and the bathroom; place a few inspirational books and magazines on the bedside table too. These simple ideas for a guest bedroom will certainly make your guest want to stay!

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