What is a Driftwood Coffee Table?

Driftwood Tables Coffee Table

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Driftwood coffee tables are those made solely or partly from driftwood; any wood that has been washed onto the shore from the sea, usually parts of trees that have fallen or been blown into the sea. Part of what makes driftwood so interesting, apart from its look and feel, is the mystery of not knowing where the wood you’re using in your décor and home interior design originates from. Trees can cross lakes, seas, and oceans to become driftwood.

The most striking and unusual thing about driftwood is its shape. It’s often used exactly how it’s found, although often treated for preservation of its shape for indoor and functional use. Its shape is softened by the sea, but it maintains a unique set of branches and structures that makes each piece unique. Its color is another striking feature; each piece is different but it’s often lighter due to being more exposed to the sun and the sea. Silver and cream aren’t uncommon shades, but neither are darker browns and red shades of wood.

All of this is what makes driftwood ideal if you’re looking for a modern, natural, and striking coffee table that’s also one of the main features of your living or family room. Coffee tables are a key function in homes all over the world. They transform rooms from simple seating areas to places to drink, dine, socialize, and read, and because of their size and impact on a room, they deserve to be considered as a key design feature in any home.

Many driftwood coffee tables use driftwood provide the shape and structure only, but rely on other materials to give the table a smooth and flat surface. Glass is popular for its sleekness and durability, but for an even more alternative look, you can consider stone and wooden table surfaces. You can also have your driftwood refined and shaved into a level surface that is functional as a table top but is also a perfect match for the rest of the table.

Because of the nature of driftwood and where it’s often naturally found, washed up on the shore, driftwood is a popular feature in beach homes and houses by the sea. If you have a city home that you want to make feel more natural, driftwood can help to achieve a light and cool seaside theme. Driftwood often has a very light and cool shade, with an almost metallic silver sheen, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to a range of pale blue and green tones.

Driftwood is extremely fashionable at the moment which means it’s easy to buy and inexpensive. As well as having a feature driftwood coffee table, you can match it to smaller décor items, such as photo frames and shelving units. You can also use other cool and silver toned woods that will look cool against the lighter driftwood colors, but the shape won’t detract from the naturally formed and striking driftwood features.

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