What to Look for in an Outdoor Rocking Chair

Wooden Outdoor Rocking Chairs

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For an outdoor rocking chair, it is important to choose sturdy materials. There are various types of wood or metal that can be used to make rocking chairs intended for your outdoor living space. However, not all of these materials can provide a furniture piece that is both attractive and durable. High quality woods are your best choice for outdoor furniture. They are resilient when it comes to harsh weather that may bring damage. Cedar and teak are just two of the most desirable rocking chair material. If you think that metal is a better material for your rocking chair, you should go for painted iron or galvanized steel.

Even if you choose outdoor rocking chairs made of sturdy materials, you should not sacrifice comfort and beauty. Your rocking chair will most likely be placed in highly visible part of your porch, patio, or garden. For this reason, it is important that it be made out of aesthetic materials. Cedar and teak is the best choice for this as they are both equally beautiful and sturdy. The difference is that cedar is darker in color. It has a reddish brown tinge while teak is yellow. These materials are expensive, but they can last a whole lifetime. In the long run, you can still say that you get your money’s worth with teak or cedar rocking chair. Aside from high quality materials, your outdoor rocking chair should be made by a highly skilled craftsman. The joints or connecting parts should be solid or else your chair will be rickety. It might make noises when you use it, which is an unpleasant thing. If the material is metal, the welding work should be done properly. If it is wood, then the screws, the nails, and the glue should secure the joints well without making the furniture look messy.

There are unique designs of rocking chairs for your outdoor living space. Traditionally, rocking chairs have curved feet which makes the rocking motion possible. More modern outdoor rocking chairs have pivoting arms as well. For rustic homes, the traditional outdoor rocking chair will complement the décor. Modern designs on the other hand, provide more function and comfort. They can even accommodate more than one person at a time. Remember than exposure to harsh elements like sun and water can damage your chair easily. Make sure that your furniture is properly maintained, cleaned, and protected with the proper coating.

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