What You Need to Before Buying a Slipper Chair

Avington Slipper Chair

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It is highly likely that you have already seen and sat on a slipper chair. This kind of chair has short legs and no arms. It comes in a wide variety of style hence it is a favorite decorative and functional piece. They are perfect for small spaces because of their size and design. You can often see them in master’s bedrooms, living rooms, and even dining areas. They come in different materials like ornate woods, metal with comfy fabrics, and pleated covers.

The invention of this chair can be associated to the kind of clothing women of the Victorian era wore. The multiple layers of fabric like camisoles, corsets, and petticoats require low, open chairs that they can use when putting on their footwear. The original slipper chairs are about 15” from the floor. The absence of armrests makes it possible for them to spread the balloon of dresses and skirts. Even though at present, women rarely wear massive skirts or dresses, slipper chairs are still most often found in bedrooms and dressing rooms. This is because their size and style makes it easy for the owner to put it in a corner of the room without creating any clutter. They are still used by many when taking off shoes. You can also find a slipper chair in homes with small spaces like studio apartments. They usually have wood frames and are upholstered. Because slipper chairs have short legs, they are not right for dining tables of normal height. They are usually paired with a coffee table placed side by side or facing each other. You can place them in your living room around a low table next to a window with a beautiful view of the garden. This kind of chair is perfect for Victorian-style homes or rooms with shabby chic décor.

A slipper chair makes a good accent in any room. By picking one in a color that blends well with the room’s color theme, you can create an interesting spot in your living room, kitchen, or a covered outdoor living space. It can both provide beauty and function. Just because it looks tiny it does not mean you can’t be comfortable sitting on it when having coffee or tea with a friend or loved one. It is a perfect furniture piece especially if you have a place that does not have enough space for big chairs.

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